The Beach & Cape Cod Bay


The pictures tell it all. Dennis Village is renown for its Cape Cod Bay beaches. Swimming, sunbathing, walking, kite boarding, fishing and boating are just some of the reasons that Dennis Beaches are so popular. Cape Cod Bay's 10' tides coupled with ever-changing New England weather help give each day on the beach its changing character. Parents Magazine rated Dennis' Mayflower Beach as one of the 10 Best Beaches for Families: 2011. The Cranberry House is just a short bike ride, or nice walk away from this magnificent shoreline.

The native history of Cape Cod Bay began long before the arrival of the Pilgrims and continues to this day. The rare Right Whales migrate through its waters annually. Local attractions include daily whale watch cruises, charter fishing, paragliding and charter sailboats. Cape Cod Bay is great place to discover Cape Cod's heritage and its heart.